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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Etsy Review: Herbolution Makeup Cleansing Oil!

I volunteered to be a tester for a fellow Etsy seller's product: Herbolution's makeup remover cleansing oil! I paid for shipping and it arrived within the week!

The oil is quite thick in consistency, so definitely use only a few drops and on a moistened cotton ball or cotton pad. It smells like watered down tea tree oil.

Such a cute little glass bottle and a 10% off coupon!
I normally do not use makeup, but I always use waterproof sunscreen. Right now I am trying a non-physical option: EltaMD spf 50 UV sport waterproof sunscreen. It is extremely hard to take off, so the first thing I did was test this cleansing oil on my face.

First I put two drops on a moistened cotton ball, then rub rub rub!

The before and after looks pretty drastic. It did not leave an oily feeling on my skin, but I put a warm moist towel on my skin anyways, as per instructions. I then washed my face with a facial cleanser and definitely felt my skin being smoother and cleaner on the side I used the oil!

Now to test it on some eyeliner over primer. Products used:

The before:

After equal amounts of time gently rubbing: 

Hmm it seems like Nature Republic is not coming off. Also, the eyeliner is being pushed around on my skin.
MAC and Maybelline came off very easily!
 Some more rubbing, a lot harder this time:
You can still see some eyeliner on the bottom from the Nature Republic!
Conclusion: The cleansing oil takes off gel and pencil liner quite easily, but the waterproof liquid eyeliner required rubbing that may be too hard on the eyelids. I later tested again and found that if I used more cleansing oil it would come right off, but that also left me with greasy eyelids. Fortunately the oil dried relatively quickly.

Recommended use: Spread oil evenly over the moistened cotton pad/ball and use it to break up makeup. Don't expect it to clean everything off! Definitely use another gentle cleanser afterwards to get everything off. 

Summary: Thicker than I am used to for a cleansing oil, but that is easily resolved by spreading evenly on a moistened cotton ball/pad. Would recommend for makeup that isn't very waterproof or for double cleansing. It is better than plain oil in that it isn't very greasy and has a nice tea tree oil scent.

Thanks for letting me review the product!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review! I volunteered to review it and paid shipping. All photos were taken by me. Results may vary due to different skin types and makeup used! 

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