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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Facial Peeling Gel Review: IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel, Ecopure Aloe Peeling Gel & Etsy Update

As promised, a review of two Korean Facial Peeling Gels! I will be reviewing Ecopure Aloe Peeling Gel and the IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel. 

Both are marketed for people with dry or combination/dry skin, like mine. Ecopure boasts of being 89% natural and "5 free," which is about the limit of what I can understand from the bottle. IOPE was recommended to me by a Korean beauty salon salesperson, who really understood my skin type!

To experiment, I am using them on my hands.

IOPE is on the right and Ecopure is on the left. Texture is quite different because Ecopure turns a bit grainy just from spreading it and is a bit more sticky because of the aloe content. 

Ecopure on the left, IOPE on the right.
Also note that IOPE has small, blue beads to help with the massaging: 
See the little beads in the photo? I don't think they make a difference.

After rubbing! There is practically no difference in the amount of gel rubbed off. The beads just disappear. 
After cleaning it off, my hands feel significantly smoother. There is practically no difference except that Ecopure will dry a little slower due to the aloe content.

After washing it off. 
Although on the hands it is quite similar, it is a different story when used on the face. Although both do not remove whiteheads and blackheads, they bring them to the surface to make them easier to remove with a blackhead mask or washing off with a  washcloth.

IOPE dries out my skin a lot more, so it actually creates some more flaky skin after the scrubbing on areas that were originally dry and flaky. However, my cheeks are extremely smooth after using it. To combat the dryness, I always use a moisturizing mask or a heavy moisturizer afterwards. The good thing is that the drying effect wipes out acne effectively and even shrunk my pores after a year of use.
Price: Expensive. $30 a bottle (100 mL)

Ecopure is extremely moisturizing, to the point that after use there is no flaky skin and I only need to use some toner. Due to this, I would only recommend it to people who have dry skin, since otherwise it may be overly moisturizing. I have not seen any differences in my pores or acne. 
Price: Relatively inexpensive. $13.95 a bottle (150 mL).

Overall: Choose the one best for your skin type. Both are good for smoothing out the skin, but IOPE does not work well on skin that is extremely dry and flaky. IOPE caters more for people with acne, while Ecopure moisturizes. 

Finally, an Etsy update:

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This review represents my honest opinion and was not endorsed by any company. All products were bought with my own money and all photos taken by me.

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