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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nicka K Pastel Blue Nail Polish

I've been trying to find a good pastel blue nail polish and saw this for a dollar. I've used Nicka K's glitter top coat before, which gave gorgeous results, so I decided, "Why not?"

Unlike the glitter top coat, this blue came out quite streaky. Only my pinky finger, which required one brush stroke to cover, came out nicely. The polish took a very long time to dry! Hours after application, I still managed to dig into the polish, causing that unsightly chunk in the photo and several scratches. By the next day, parts of the polish was already peeling off. Maybe this was a bad bottle?

The color on nail was definitely brighter than in the bottle.

Under dull yellow light. You can see the chunk on my middle finger.

Under bright white light. 
Overall, not recommended!

This review presents my honest opinion and was not endorsed by either company. All products were bought with my own money and all photos were taken by me.