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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facial Moisturizers: Bioglo & Clinique

With combination dry skin, so finding a good moisturizer has been difficult, especially because many leave me with dry patches.

I have been using Clinique Moisture Surge for a while, and have recently tried Bioglo Aquavit Water Essence Cream.

Bioglo is obviously smaller, but about half the price of the Clinique moisturizer.
Open containers sitting on their lids. 

They both a cool, gel-like texture that quickly absorbs into the skin, but are different colors. Clinique is pink and Bioglo is a blue-green. Both can be used as masks by simply slathering more on the face and then washing or wiping it off after five minutes.

For those who dislike fragrances, Bioglo is not recommended! It has a pleasant scent, that might be a little overwhelming at first, but it fades quickly.

As a test, I used each on separate occasions after washing my face with a facial cleanser after swimming. Since the chlorine had already dried out my face, I required a lot more moisturizer than usual.

Clinique Moisture Surge
Absorbed very quickly.
Used about a thumb-sized amount to get rid of all dry patches on my face.
T-zone became significantly oily after a few hours.
Caused itchiness on eyelids (inflicted with slight eczema)

Bioglo Aquavit
Cool to the touch, even after slathered on face; absorbed slightly less rapidly.
Used a little less than a thumb-sized amount
T-zone a tad oily after a few hours.
Caused itchiness on eyelids (inflicted with slight eczema)

Overall winner: Bioglo Aquavit Water Essence Cream

Despite it being better in all the aspects I mainly tested for, I would not recommend Bioglo to those with extremely sensitive skin for its strong scent. Since the moisturizers' effects are so similar, I would rather stick with the pricier Clinique, because I prefer my facial products unscented and widely available. 

This review presents my honest opinion and was not endorsed by either company. All products were bought with my own money and all photos were taken by me.

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